We're Tide.

We build a new kind of financial service.

Building services your customers want to use

We use UX standards from the tech industry and apply them to financial products. We believe in intuitive applications that are a delight to use. Easy to use products = happy customers.

Out of the box products

We have a number of micro services that can be pieced together to make custom applications. Choose a mix of the below services to create a financial service appropriate for your customers.

Digital wallets

Create digital wallets for your users to send and receive money from each other. This includes splitting mechanisms or social media payment integration.

Ripple gateways

We’ll set you up as a Ripple gateway with an appropriate fund management system. This allows you to easily get set up and trading on the Ripple ecosystem.

Trading platforms

Create an exchange for traditional fiat currencies or crypto currency. All exchanges are for zero fees and instant.

Cross platform

We develop apps with the newest technologies so they can be distributed across platforms and scale easily and efficiently.

No messing around

We work like a start up because we are a start up. If you want an MVP in 5 days - you’ve got it. Using good coding standards and agile management we can release high quality products without wasting any time.

Our products

Dimes.io takes a new approach to banking and personal financial services

Gateway.tools is our Ripple gateway deployment mechanism.
Tide Ripple wallet is a demo of our wallet system.

Work with us

We’re a London based team and are always interested in exciting new projects. Tell us as much as you can about who you are and what you're doing so we know if we can help you out.